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About Jared

Jared was a senior at Norwich Technical High School. As a high honor student he excelled in the fields of mathematics, pre-electrical engineering and applied electronics, and cutting edge 3D printer technology. Jared was the first student to place in the state’s SKILLS USA competition as a sophomore. He went on to place again in his junior year. It was the nurturing and encouragement of faculty and staff at Norwich Tech that allowed Jared to reach goals that peaked interest from some of the most prestigious colleges in the nation. However, he had accepted an academic scholarship from Seton Hall and was excited to attend.

About the Scholarship

The Jared Bellone EEE Norwich Tech Memorial Scholarship was created in Jared’s memory to provide support for the pre-electrical engineering and applied electronics (EEE) shop. A scholarship is given to a graduating EEE senior every year. The scholarship has also sponsored a EEE student for Skills USA national competition. There are multiple school events that the scholarship fund participates in every year that provides support for the school while simultaneously supporting the fund.

Personal Note from Paul

Hello everyone. While I know this a very small charity, I can not emphasize its importance. Jared was one of my best friends in high school, and his passing effected me on a level words can't describe. He was a friend in the truest sense of the word. Jared was my perpetual naysayer. When something wasn't good or could be better, he pushed me to improve and helped me every step of the way. When I say that Jared was smart, I mean he was SMART. No challenge was too great for him. I can adamantly say that had he been still alive today, Jared would have gone on to change the world. This scholarship aims to keep Jared's spirit alive and keep the spark of innovation that he bestowed upon the world forever burning. This money goes towards helping Pre-Electrical Engineering students at my old high school pursue a highly lucrative degree and potentially make the impact on the world that Jared couldn't.


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